Wowheads-Medicated Sour Twists (500mg THC)


Think Warheads couldn’t get any better? How about you try adding a whopping 500mg of THC to the mix! If you are an original Warheads fans you will enjoy these tasty treats that contain just the right amount of sour to make your cheeks pucker, without knocking you off your feet.

Each candy contains 50mg of THC, so we recommend avoiding the urge to eat too many in a single sitting. Beginners and intermediates should try one first and wait an hour or so before consuming any additional candies.

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Wowheads “Sour Twists”  contains 500mg THC per package, and they are tasty enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Contents: Each bag contains 10 candies x 50mg

*Wowheads take 30-60 minutes to take full effect.


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