Blueberry Rope a Dope (500mg THC)


Rope A Dope The Original Smackers are sweet tasting medicated gummy ropes that are infused with THC and rock sugar diamonds candies. The ropes are subsequently covered with a variety of Nerds, for an amazing combination of flavours.

Each blueberry flavoured Rope A Dope has also been infused with 500mg of THC. So you can rest assured, the product will satisfy your sweet tooth and your aching muscles after a long day of work.

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Dosage: 500mg THC per package/per rope. We recommend consuming smaller pieces, as the original smacker packs quite a punch!

*Rope a Dopes take 30-60 minutes to take full effect.

Each package contains: 1 gummy rope (can be torn and divided into smaller pieces).


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