Roadkill Skunk (AAA)


Indica-dominant (80-20%)
THC (12-18%)

Roadkill Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous Sensi Seeds farms as a dank cross between the insanely popular Skunk #1 X Afghani strains.

The strain boasts a THC level ranging from 12-18% on average and a myriad of both indica and sativa effects. Users describe the Roadkill Skunk high as one that is hugely potent and strong with an immediate cerebral head buzz that slowly melts into a warming sleepy body buzz. This leaves you sedated, couch-locked, and spacey with a moderate case of the munchies, all of which eases you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Due to these potent effects, Roadkill Skunk is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic inflammation, nerve and body pain, Multiple Sclerosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Roadkill Skunk has an aroma of pungent earthy skunk and a taste of earthy spicy skunk with a hint of pepper upon exhale. The buds have medium-sized light minty green nugs that are insanely sticky and covered with a thick layer of translucent trichomes. These nugs are insanely dense and heavy with a spattering of bright orange hairs and undertones.

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Spicy, Earthy, Skunky


Pungent, Skunky, Peppery


Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Neuropathy

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