Nardzzz Rope (400mg THC)


Medicated Nardzzz Ropes are a sweet tasting medicated candy and gummy combo. Nardzzz Ropes comes in two delicious flavours, Seriously Strawberry and Lemonade Wild Cherry.

Each Nardzzz Rope is infused with 400mg THC. Then the medicated gummy rope is covered in delicious, crunchy nerds to satisfy both your sweet tooth cravings and muscles after a long day of work.

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Nardzzz Rope bites are gummies covered in small candies that taste exactly like nerds, except they contain 400mg of THC in every bag.

Each rope contains: 400mg THC (can be torn and divided into small pieces).

Dosages: We recommend that you break the rope into small pieces and start with one. Enjoy with caution!

*Nardzzz take 30-60 minutes to take full effect.


  • Lemonade and cherry
  • Seriously Strawberry

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Lemonade Cherry, Seriously Strawberry


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